04 March 2008

I've moved!

I've moved my blog to wordpress...so if you get to here somehow, head on to http://mrsukyankee.wordpress.com

I've tried to re-direct to this but it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!

15 February 2008

Back again...

It's time to get on the market again. Hurrah! (not)

Having this week off has been great as I've seen four estate agents. It's amazing how each person sees the market. Two of them were quite realistic with prices similar to what we thought it should be (plus similar to the other flats in the area). One priced it WAY above what it ought to and another put at way below. So we'll see what happens. The biggest selling point for us will be the percentage that they try to get for selling our flat.

Putting it on the market will be tough. It means we live differently. We'll have to be super clean. We'll have to be very aware of where everything is and make our flat look as 'simple' as possible. We'll be living without some of the items we're used to as they won't fit well in our available storage (we're getting rid of a wardrobe & dresser). So we're hoping that we sell the flat quickly. Hmmmm...deja vu....same hopes as before.

In London, it used to be quite easy to sell a flat and get a great price at that. No longer. Which in some ways is good as perhaps more people will be able to buy. But for us, it may hurt our chance of moving up the ladder. It's not worth selling this flat if we can't move on to something better.

Good luck to anyone else who is trying to sell and to those who are trying to buy. It's NOT fun process.

14 February 2008

Before and...After

Here I am with my normal curly hair. But I was interested in doing something new...so here's the after:

Just back from the hairdresser, curls gone...it looked much sexier than in this pic.

This morning...curls returned. Totally tighter than I expected...something to work with. Cute.

10 February 2008

My week...pictures

04 February 2008

This week it was a draw (tie)...

Stay on your toes.
Don't go on your heels.
Arms up.
Move to your left.
"Come on and drop back left!"
This is it, it's just me and her. I can do this. She's not going to score. Down. Yes. I got it.

Being a field hockey goalie is a huge rush. There are times when it's just you against one person and that person has the advantage. And then you stop them. Sometimes you even take them out. And your team cheers. You know you did the right thing.

Other times, you make a mistake. If you were a field player, then it wouldn't be so big a deal cause someone else would be behind you. But a goalie mistake can mean a goal. It's hard, after being scored upon, to get back into focus...to not think about what you did wrong for too long. Cause you want to think about it a bit, to recognize what you can do better...but to focus too much is to bring yourself out of the current moment.

So there you are. In the moment. You don't feel the weather (usually cold or wet). You are just focused on the ball...on your players...on their players. You are yelling out. Cheering. Moving.

And seventy minutes later, you can relax. Game over. And hopefully, you can leave the game and feel good about what you did. You may not have won, but if you did your job well, then at least you can be proud. You can't score the goals to win a game, but you can try to help your team not lose.

31 January 2008


I like guys. Really. I've always gotten on with guys. Sometimes I've wanted to spend more time with them than women. So I have nothing really against them. But...

why do they have to take up so much space?!! For example...sitting down. I'm sorry, but you do NOT need to spread your legs out so wide. I know you got some business going on down there but, come on, do you really gotta advertise?

Today on the tube, some guy decided that he was worthy of SO MUCH FRICKIN' SPACE...it was as if he was telling everyone else that he was 'bigger' than they were. He was leaning against the tube wall, angling himself so that he took up the space of at least two people standing normally and THEN he spread open his newspaper so that it would be next to impossible to pass by.

I had to get off the tube. And he was in my way. I walked up to where he was - RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOORS - and then had to push his paper out of the way, as he ignored my 'excuse me' (probably listening to his I-Pod). I know he flashed me such an annoyed look. Yes, I broke into your personal space...then again, you took up the personal space of three people on the tube. And at 7:40am, I just am NOT in the mood to deal.

28 January 2008

Can ya believe it?

Yeah. I am pathetic. In a cute way, but pathetic nontheless. The other night my dear husband went on a guys trip to go play golf. So I was alone in the flat and our bed. Now I LOVED having the time to watch a girlie movie. But then it came time to go to sleep. I figured that I'd love to sprawl out and use up the entire bed. But no. The time kept creeping up. 11pm. 11:45pm. 12:30am. 1:30am. I just couldn't sleep. The bed didn't feel 'right'. And I just wanted to snuggle up to my honey so badly. See...pathetic.

I woke up at my normal 6:20am time crunched over on the side of the bed where I normally sleep. No spreading out for me. And I was exhausted. And happy that my hubby was coming home. Good sleep. I love it. Clearly, Roy is important to my sleep cycle now. Yup, I can hear you now...'Awwwwwwwww'.